John Mitchell Moving/Two Guys and a Truck

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving



What is the difference between you and all of the other moving companies?
Often imitated, never duplicated, John Mitchell Moving/Two Guys and a Truck is the locally owned and operated company that has been serving Indiana and surrounding states since 1993. As we are not a franchise, our longevity and success in this business can be attributed to the consistently superior, cost-effective service offered by each member of our well-trained staff.
How do you estimate the cost of a move?
The most accurate method of estimating the cost of a move is to schedule a free on-site estimate wherein we send a professional estimator to your location to take an inventory of the items you would like to move. Our estimator also takes into account many other factors, including, but not limited to, the locations of your move sites, various obstacles to your move, whether you would like us to pack boxes for you or if you would like to pack them yourself, and whether you would like to purchase boxes, packing materials or additional insurance. Call or email our office today to schedule a free, no-obligation on-site estimate.
If I have a free on-site estimate performed, what happens if I want to remove some of the items included in the estimate later?
You are welcome to add or subtract anything to your move. The free on-site estimate is just that: an estimate. You will be charged according to the actual move itself.

How do I schedule an appointment for either a move or a free on-site estimate?
Just call our office or email us to schedule your appointment.

When should I schedule my relocation?
If you want to move on a Friday or Saturday, we recommend you schedule two to three weeks in advance. The end of a month generally books up earlier than the beginning. We can often schedule a move with little notice, especially if we have any cancellations.

Call our office or email us to check on our availability. The sooner you book, the more likely we will be able to schedule a date that suits your needs.

Will you move just one item across a room or up a flight of stairs?

Yes, we will. All tasks are important to us, regardless of their size. Call our office or email us to find out our current minimum charges.

How do you charge?
We have a trip fee that covers the cost of fuel and travel from our office to your location, and then back to our office once the move is finished. This is a set, one-time-per-move fee. Because of this fee, we don’t begin our hourly rate until we arrive at your location, and then we are off the clock as soon as the move is finished, unlike most other moving companies. While most other companies charge their hourly rates from the time they leave their offices to the time they get back to their offices, our method keeps us accountable by assuring you of the fact that you are not paying an hourly rate for time when we are not actually working to relocate you.

Our hourly rate varies depending on the number of men and the number of trucks we use to serve you.

Feel free to schedule a free on-site estimate, call our office, or submit a free online estimate request to find our current trip fees, hourly rates and minimums. Same rate, six days a week!

How do I pay?
We accept cash, checks and most major credit/debit cards. If you just want us to load a rental truck for you, we only accept cash or cards.

Will you pack boxes? How do you charge for packing services?
Per your request, we have packing services available. When we pack, we do not charge an hourly rate. Instead, we charge per box. The cost depends on the size and number of boxes you would like us to pack. You must have a free on-site estimate in order for us to pack for you.

Do you sell boxes and other packing materials?
We do indeed. Please call or email us to order boxes. The cost depends on the size and amount of materials you wish to purchase. Delivery is free. We only sell boxes to those who have a move scheduled with us.
Please note: We do not insure the items inside boxes that we did not pack. However, the contents of any boxes that are professionally packed by us are covered by our insurance policy.

Will you just load my rental truck or mass portable storage container for me?
Absolutely. However, you will be responsible for providing your own packing material by renting or purchasing it from the company from which you rent the truck/portable storage container. Necessary packing materials include packing pads, cargo straps and boxes. (If you just want us to load a rental truck for you, we only accept cash or cards.)

Are you insured? How does insurance work?
We carry standard insurance, which covers 60 cents per pound for each item, on everything we move. This form of insurance is fairly standard among most moving companies.

However, you may opt to buy additional “value to purchase” insurance for your household goods. The cost for this insurance is 75 cents per $100 of coverage.

Please note: We do not insure the items inside boxes that we do not pack. However, the contents of any boxes that are professionally packed by us are covered by our insurance policy.
May I leave drawers in my dressers or chests?

Yes, as long as there is nothing liquid, breakable, or perishable in the drawers. We will not be held responsible for any damage to the inside of such an item.

May I help with the move?
You may do anything you wish to help expedite your relocation. To do so will save you time and money. However, you may not use our equipment or get on our truck to do so. For both your safety and that of our crewmen, we must be very careful with our equipment, as our insurance does not cover your potential injuries.

Will you assemble, disassemble, disconnect or reconnect any of my items?
Any such service is included in the hourly rate. We are proud to offer disassembly and reassembly of beds, tables or desks. However, we will not connect or disconnect any appliances, gas items, nor will we guarantee disassembly and reassembly of any pressed wood or “Sauder Home” products. While we will move such products, you are responsible for their disassembly and reassembly.

Do you perform commercial moves or just residential ones?
Actually, we provide both. In order for us to schedule a commercial or office move, we just require you to have a free on-site estimate performed.

What won’t you move?

We do not move items that pose a threat or danger to either persons or property. There are also some items that we cannot move if the item won’t fit on our truck or if the item is too sensitive.

The following is a partial list of items we will not move:
  • Any gas or combustible chemicals
  • Any machines that contain gas (please empty such items of all gas)
  • Propane tanks
  • Firearms or other potentially hazardous weapons
  • Massive portable storage containers – we will load them but cannot move the containers themselves
  • Personal computers – we will pack and move these but we recommend you move them in your personal vehicle
  • Vehicles
  • Hot tubs
  • Pool tables – we will move these only if they are completely disassembled and will not reassemble them
  • Play sets – we will move these if they are completely disassembled and will not reassemble them