The kitchen is one area of your home that requires careful planning as you prepare for a major residential move. After all, this room is where you prepare meals and gather with your family and friends. It will also be one of the first rooms that you begin to unpack as you start your life in a new home.

While it may be daunting to survey a room that is filled with so many items that range from small cooking accessories to large appliances, it is possible to successfully pack and move each piece. Use this guide to prepare and pack your kitchen so that everything arrives at your new place in top condition.

Pare Down Your Food Supply

Food items are typically heavy and potentially messy to transport, even for short residential moves. It is also difficult to keep perishable items at the correct temperature during a move. Therefore, it is best to begin paring down your food supply so that you will have less waste and a simpler move.

Plan meals that allow you to use up most of the ingredients that you have in your food storage. As you deplete an item, such as frozen food, add it to a running list that you can use when you go grocery shopping for your new house.

Gather Your Packing Supplies

Begin your packing by making sure that you have all of the supplies you need on hand. Ideally, you should have an assortment of boxes that includes multiple sizes and types. You will also need packing tape, labels and cushioning materials such as bubble wrap.

Keep in mind that you can get specialty boxes that allow you to safely pack breakable valuables such as fine china and kitchen art pieces. You can also arrange for professional packing services for these items to ensure that your favorite heirlooms arrive in one piece.

Pack a Box of Essentials

The first few days in your new house are likely to be hectic, and your kitchen may not be fully functional for the first few days. Plan ahead by packing a special box that includes everything you need to prepare a few basic meals for the first two days.

For most families, this box should include your preferred cookware, such as a skillet, along with basic utensils for preparing your meals. Then, add in disposable plates and silverware along with other useful items such as measuring cups to ensure that you have everything ready for cooking simple recipes.

Once your box of essentials is packed, label it. Then make sure that it is one of the first things to arrive at your new house. You can either let your movers know to put the box on the truck last or carry it with you in your car.

Know How to Pack Small Appliances

Wash and dry each of your small appliances before you begin to pack. Then carefully wrap the prongs of the cord and any delicate parts with packing paper or bubble wrap to protect them during transport.

Ideally, small appliances should be packed in their original boxes. If you have lost those, then use a slightly larger box that allows you enough room to pack cushioned wrap or kitchen towels around the appliance before you seal the box with tape.

Prepare Your Refrigerator

Unplug your refrigerator one to two days before your move so that it has time to defrost and dry out before you load it onto the truck. Once the refrigerator has dried, clean it well. Then, take out the racks or secure them in place with tape before the fridge is loaded.

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