Moving across town or a few towns over is surely not as large of an endeavor as moving across the country. However, it's common for people who move locally to underestimate the tasks that lie ahead. If you want your local move to go smoothly, make sure you avoid these five common mistakes.

1. Waiting Until the Last Minute

You might think, "We're just moving down the street, it's no big deal." However, you still need to coordinate dates with your new landlord, make sure everyone shows up to help you pack and find the right moving company among other things. You may only be moving across town, but it's still best to start preparing and planning as soon in advance as possible.

About two months before your move, work on selecting a moving company, talking to your kids about the move and collecting moving supplies like boxes and tape. A few weeks later, start packing the non-essentials and getting rid of extra items. Notify friends and the post office of your new address. When moving day arrives, all you'll have to do is actually move.

2. Inviting Anyone and Everyone to Help You Move

For an in-town move, it's very easy to find friends and family members to help you pack and unpack. However, as the saying goes, too many cooks can spoil the broth. Ask too many people to help you, and they'll just start tripping over one another and getting distracted. Only ask a few very reliable friends to help you move. Everyone else can see your new home when you host a housewarming party.

3. Forgetting You Might Have Different Utilities to Worry About

When you're moving locally, chances are you'll keep the same electric and gas company you had at your old place. Setting up service should be easy since you already have accounts with these companies. Where people often go wrong, however, is forgetting that they may have additional utilities to pay for in their new homes. For instance, perhaps your landlord pays for the water now, but you'll need to set up your own account with the water company in your new home.

Talk to your new landlord or your realtor to get a complete list of the utilities you'll need to pay for in your new home. Don't forget about trash removal and Internet service. Call at least a week before your move so your accounts are all set up by the time you move in. 

4. Not Protecting Your Items When Packing

When you start putting dishes and glasses into boxes, you may be tempted to shrug your shoulders and think "It's only going down the road. It won't break." However, all it takes is one person setting a box down too firmly or taking a corner too wide in the moving truck, and suddenly all of your dishes are cracked.

Always take the time to wrap all dishes and delicate items individually with bubble wrap or tissue paper, even if you're only moving a short distance.

5. Taking Multiple Trips in One Small Vehicle

People moving locally often assume they'll save money by taking many trips with their small, personal vehicles rather than renting a truck or hiring a moving company. But packing your car and driving back and forth expends time and gas. It's much simpler to put everything in one truck, drive to the new home once, and unload it all immediately. Plus, you won't have to worry about big items like ovens and mattresses that won't fit in your personal car.

Even if you're only moving locally, hiring a moving company can simplify the process and ensure everything goes smoothly. Contact Two Guys & A Trucktoday for a free estimate on professional moving services.